PARI PRONEB ULTRA II Nebulizer System with LC Plus

PARI PRONEB ULTRA II Nebulizer System with LC Plus
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Product Info

  • Pari Proneb Ultra II Nebulizer System with LC Plus.
  • PRONEB Ultra II compressor at 3 lbs, is one of the smallest and lightest compressors available.
  • A Powerful motor means treatment times of 5 – 7 min (depending on Nebulizer cup).
  • This Model comes with 2 LC Plus Nebulizers- High output compressor substantially shortens the treatment time while delivering more medication to the patient's lungs.
  • When combined with the PARI LC Plus® Reusable Nebulizer, the particle size of medications are optimized for inhalation and retention in the lungs.
  • With less medication wasted, patients with asthma, cystic fibrosis and COPD feel better faster and can be more compliant.
  • Includes: Grey PRONEB® Ultra II Compressor, fast and efficient PARI LC Plus® Reusable Nebulizer.
  • 5 year standard warranty.