Ketostix Reagent Strips- 50 Bx, Urine Test Strips for Ketones

Ketostix Reagent Strips- 50 Bx, Urine Test Strips for Ketones
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  • Bayer Ketostix Reagent Strips- Urine testing strips for Ketones (Acetoacetic Acid).
  • Ketone Test- Box of 50 strips
  • Ketostix strips provide a fast, convenient way of testing urine for the presence and concentration of acetoacetic acid (Ketones).
  • This substance when found in the urine provides information on carbohydrate and fat metabolism.
  • Acetoacetic acid can be found in the urine from diabetics and is more commonly referred to as a "ketone body."
  • Use of Ketostix Reagent Strips can alert you and your doctor or diabetes educator to changes in your condition for which adjustments in your diet and/or medication may be needed.
  • Carefully follow the testing schedule your doctor or educator establishes.
  • Reagents: 7.1% w/w Sodium Nitroprusside; 92.9% w/w Buffer
  • Intended for use in the U.S.A.
  • Reagent made in U.S.A.
  • Questions? Toll Free 1-800-347-8100


  • KETOSTIX Reagent Strips are for in vitro diagnostic use.
  • They have been determined to be nonhazardous under the guidelines issued by OSHA in 29CFR 1910.1200(d).
  • Ketostix are also referred to as Ketones Test Strips, Diabetic Urine Test Strips, Urine Testing Strips, Diabetes Urine Test Strips